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techie hobbies tools and resources

Running a beautiful Tech Blog like Techie Hobbies (well, I know I am bias. LOL) takes more than smarts, wits and hard work. You could as well say that it takes so many cups of strong and freshly – brewed pure black coffee (my favorite). It takes undying love for technology, and love for my readers (yes that’s you). I know cheesy but it’s true. 🙂

Quality Tutorials to Teach You

Do you need to be an electrical engineer to enjoy being a techie hobbyist?

Arduino UNO board

Arduino Tutorial for Beginners – It’s never too late to fall in love with Arduino. Check out our free Arduino lessons. Explore and learn Arduino UNO, Mega, Mini, Leonardo and other hardware variations. Learn the basic of Arduino programming even if you have never done programming before.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Raspberry Pi Tutorial for Beginners – There’s a new raspberry in town. No it’s not a fruit. 🙂  And if you’ve never heard it before, this is the famous and first ever $5 computer released last 2012. The company has jus one goal. Make it affordable for everyone to buy a computer and learn programming.

They have such a massive success that there were millions of units sold in the market already since it was launched. If you want to learn more about Raspberry Pi 0, Pi 1, Pi 2 and Pi 3 and learn how to program them, check out our free tutorial.

Ham Radio Tutorial

Ham Radio Tutorial – If you ever fancy of operating your own ham amateur radio, then you might want to check out our Ham Radio Tutorial. Find out more about the basics about ham radio and learn how to get your own ham radio license.

Improve Your Electronics Knowledge

Do you need to be an electrical engineer to enjoy being a techie hobbyist?

Nope! Not at all. I have techie friends who go crazy and are expert Ham Radio but they are not engineers.

But it will definitely help you if you have a strong background in electronics. If you are a serious techie hobbyist, I highly recommend that you read the following books:

Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

The Art of Electronics – This book by Paul Horowitz is a must have whether you are an engineers, electronics junky or a simple person who wants to jump into the world of electronics. You need to have a copy of this. Make it handy and bring it with you like an Electronic Bible.  It is packed with tons of delicious knowledge to help you work on electronics in both work and hobby. It is an encyclopedia of electronics knowledge. You have access to a very comprehensive electronic resource.

Troubleshooting Analog Circuit by Bob Pease

Troubleshooting Analog Circuits – This book by Bob Pease, one of the greatest analog design engineers (EVER)! Learn from this brilliant guy. This book is full of tips, principles and guidelines to help you become better in troubleshooting your own project. I will borrow the quote from the famous Isaac Newton, “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Bob is one of the giants of electronics.

Making Techie Hobbies Run Smoothly

techie hobbies tools and resources


I can sleep well at night knowing that Techie Hobbies will run smoothly. I know I got my back covered due to the awesome software and web tools coming from the smartest and brightest dudes all over the world!

Namesilo – To run a beautiful website, I need to own a domain name. Namesilo is the cheapest domain name seller in the web. For a price of around $9.00, you get a good domain of your choice + privacy protection for life. Other domain resellers charge you for domain name privacy protection. With Namesilo, you get the privacy protection FREE for life. Find and register your own domain today with Namesilo by using the domain name search tool below.

Site Ground  – This is where this site is hosted. Shout out to the brilliant guys from Site Ground. This site was running like SNAIL until it it was moved to SiteGround. You guys were amazing! They also have the best security feature in town (the two way authentication) that makes even the best hacker to give up and cry.

ShortPixel – Techie Hobbies is very graphic heavy. Our tutorials have so many pictures and videos. Well, it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. But in terms of speed, a picture slows down a website 1000 times more than words. So I have a big sigh of relief (Whew!) when the guys from Short Pixel came up with a WordPress ShortPixel plugin that optimizes my pictures without sacrificing quality. Great and Lovely pictures, Small file sizes! Your tool is simply awesome.

UpdraftPlus – I have read a story of some poor souls out there whose sites were hacked and the hacker deleted all their files. Before I spend all night sighing and crying for a website hacked and deleted, I look around for a good backup tool that is easy to install and easy to use. Those brilliant dudes from UpDraftPlus help me sleep peacefully at night. I don’t need to worry now about my site getting hacked and deleted because I have my site daily backup kept safely on my Dropbox and Google drive.

Mashshare – What do you want to do when you have something great to offer? You want the word to go out! I really appreciate those awesome readers of mine (that’s you) who spread the word. Mashshare makes it super easy for them to share our articles to their social media friends. One click and that’s it. Simple and super easy to do. Their social media sharing buttons are lovely too!

GetStencil – Have you seen some of my work of arts? Have you seen those beautiful images with texts on them? I am not a graphic artist but with Get Stencil, I am able to create those posters and images for Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter with just few clicks. They have so many pictures (about 1.2 Million photos) and they have awesome templates. All I need to do is select a template, change the photo and change the texts. And the coolest thing, I can change my image poster size to FB, Youtube, Pinterest or Twitter size by just selecting the correct output image selection and Get Stencil do all the image resizing quick and fast. The best part if you buy from my link you get $20 discount from Get Stencil.

Content Views – See those beautiful grid layout below this page? You don’t need to be an expert coder to create one! With just few clicks, content views can help you create the same in record time. Hey, thank you guys for making my life easy! You can check their site and grab your own beautiful grid-making layout here.

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