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Bob Please

Who is Bob Please?

I have been electrocuted 3 times when working on project touching the live power supply (feels like the bite of an ant). And in some rare sleepy occasions, I have also burned myself twice with my ever reliable project buddy, my soldering iron. Ouch! I can still feel the pain. 🙂

Well, I’ve been tinkering with electronics since I have learned to crawl from the crib. Lol. I was fascinated by technology from the very beginning.

Bob Please Little Engineer

So it didn’t come as a surprise when I decided to take up electrical engineering. In fact, my bread and butter comes from being a senior engineer (and oh boy they give engineers a very decent pay!).

Proud Electrical Engineer


I still remember back during my engineering college days. I became an avid fan of a cool and brilliant (yet a little cocky and crazy) analog designer from National Semiconductor who sports a long beard.

I’ve been following his EDN “Pease Porridge” where he shared about his electronic knowledge, wits and experience.

His name is Robert “Bob” Pease.

Bob Pease

On sad day of June 18, 2011, he had a bad crash riding on his 1969 Volkwagen Bettle on his way to the wake of another brilliant analog design engineer, Jim Williams.

The electronics world mourned for these two people. Well, I was one of them. I will forever miss Jim Williams and Bob Pease.

Here are some of the notable good words to the greatest analog designer ever lived:

I wanted to create some form of a tribute to the man who sparked my own journey to the world of electronics. Like him, I have so much fun being a senior design engineer and still looking forward for two more decades hopefully to retire as a great engineer.

So as a tribute to my man, I’ll be using a pseudonym Bob Please.

Bob Pease
A Tribute to my Idol, Bob Pease

He has left a big shoe to fill. I’m not sure if there would be ever someone who can fill his place.

Anyway, life goes on…

I hope to do my small share.

It happened that I’m a techie hobbyist or tech junky too. So here comes techie hobbies.

Why Start Another Tech Blog – The TechieHobbies.com”?

Tech Blog Techie Hobbies

Why start another tech site, Techie Hobbies?

Well, why not? Lol  🙂

What’s techiehobbies.com for?

I wanted to share the joy and the adventure of being a tech hobbyist. I wanted to see more people wearing their proud smile and showing off their cool geeky project to their love ones.

I also wanted to share with you tools and resources to help you become a better hobbyist.

Unfortunately, most people (especially those with non-electronic or non-technical background) finds technology intimidating.

Nah! It doesn’t need to be.

Technology should not scare you. Technology is not an enemy. It’s your friend.

Learning a new tech hobby is like learning a new language. At first, it is not easy. And it is intimidating. But with some guidance and after some sweaty brows and perseverance, you’ll be surprise how quick you’ll feel comfortable with it.

I am hoping that Techie Hobbies would demystify things and would serve as a technical guide for you.

So, whether you are a hardcore techie hobbyist or just starting to get wet on this new pursuit, I’m going to give you a big warm hug and welcome.

Push that plug and turn on the switch! There is a small techie person inside of us. Awaken the geeky you. Welcome to TechieHobbies.com!


Techie Hobbies

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